Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo AW 2017

Its that time of year, and Fashion Week is in full swing here in Tokyo. So is alergie season. So in between snapping street style photos I've been poppin meds and trying not to be a disgusting mess.

More to come once WWD has my web gallery up.


Anti-Olympics Protest in Harajuku

I was walking home from Shibuya when I came across a protest marching down Omotesando. So I chased them down the street and caught them turning down Kat St. I've got some video over on youtube as well.

video located:

more photos to come...


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Tokyo 2014 S/S

The Sping/Summer 2014 show has come to a close. To check out my photos. please head over to WWD.

Patchy Cake Eater



Christian Dada


TAW - Tokyo 

Tokyo Rising Sons



Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2013-14 A/W

So that ends another Tokyo Fashion Week hosted by Mercedes-Benz. I was super happy to once again be hired by WWD. This season was awsome and seeing everyone like Ippe from Talon Street Snap seeing Kjeld at Japan Streets Mami bonjour-merci and everyone else who i can't propery shout out like Piero and Anr. And of course, all the house and oficial photogs, you guys are a great help to all of us in the pit, i only wish I had the vocabulary to properly thank you. ホんとにありがとごさいます!!!

WWD decided to drop the coverage for the last show I shot, so to check out Ritsuko Shirahama, please go to my MBFWT 2013-14 A/W Gallery.

everything else is available at WWD.

Please check out my other shows:


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Nozomi Ishiguro Tambourine

Mikio Sakabe

Creative Taiwan

Gut's Dynamite Cabarets

1 Piu 1 Uguale 3

And check out the They Are Wearing. My photo is the cover for the off-runway street styles of fashion week.

Thanks again to everyone!


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo - 2012 S/S


It's that time of year again, and I'm back at Tkyo Fashion Week with WWD. Just finished Kamishima Chinami, and i'm currently working in the press lounge waiting for my next show, WC.

As soon as I can get some direct links up to my photos on WWD, I'll post it here!

Share and enjoy!

(BTW: the photos above are not mine, i'm borrowing them from the MBFW-T webiste)