Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion Week 2012 S/S

Its that time of year and YEAH! It's awesome. I just finished off day 3 and well... youll have to go to for it. THAT'S RIGHT!! WWD is paying your friendly neighborhood oni to shoot MB-TFW (along with a bunch of other pretty amazing, really awesome, and super friendly photogs)

here is a peek at the Shiroma show.

but seriously, if you want the real deal, go to

the Tokyo suff is only free for so long...




yesterday was a marathon of photography, and I loved it. you can check out some of the new photos in my Gallery section and my new Art section.


Sawas Phool @ Ruby Room

great show! great music! great people!

for more on Sawas Phool, check out Sawas Phool here

and videos of their show at YouTube


Nuke Protest Photos Featured in Japan Subculture Research Center Article

After the March earthquake in Japan, the nuclear power plants in Fukushima suffered a catastrophic loss of power and cooling which resulted in the meltdown of at leas 3 reactors. This disaster has led to a sudden resurgence of political activism in the Japanese citizenry the likes of which have not been seen for some time.

The photo above was taken at a June 11th rally. According to police, 20,000 people were in attendance. Organizers state a much higher 60,000 headcount.

The article on the JSRC by Stephanie Nakajima can be read here along with more of my photos. Amy Seaman also contributed to their article.


Japan Fashion Week Canceled, Back Next Season

I understand why; it's almost impossible to get something like this going with all the infrastructure problems we're having here in Japan. Not to mention the foreign press may be all but non existent. Although TFW will be put off a season, we can't be expected to curl up into a ball and only think about sad things until the disaster is over. During 9-11 and the 2003 blackout, all of us in NYC and the surrounding area still spent time with friends, went to work, drank, watched movies, and sought a certain kind of regularity and return to normalcy. Remember, TFW means work to a lot of people.

We'll miss you this season TFW and we'll see you soon.

Take care of yourselves, everyone. Be safe and keep your chin up.

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