Japan Fashion Week for Metropolis Magazine

Writer, photographer, and videographer Kevin Mcgue has an article up in Metropolis Magazine on Japan Fashion Week in the November 12th issue. Aside from being a great article, it hosts a number of photographs provided by your Faithful Narrator.

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Kevin Mcgue

Metropolis: Japan Fashion Week


ONiLX on

Appaerntly several photos from differnet sets I did for tokyokaleidoscope ended up on CNN... well, CNN Go, the "Asia Beta" site for CNN. Here is a screen capture:

You can check the site out here.

And here is a direct link to their photo gallery.

and my original work is here and here.


Japan Fashion Week 2010 Summer Spring 2011 

I've put up my favorites from last week. All of the photos I took are available for purchase, just contact me.


New Photos in the Web Gallery

I was walking along, minding my own business when i stumbled into a Matsuri (a Japanese Festival). While taking pictures I got called over by one of the yatai (food stall) staff and asked to take a photo. When I gave him my card he gave me a stick with pineapple on it. Woot factor 5!

I also bought a hotdog. ^_^

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ヒトミリリイ(Hitomi Ririi)

makin' da noms

Link: Web Galleries


New Model: Mix

Mix is a great model. Back in Japan, she's teaching dance and modeling on the side. Check her out in the models section.