Crazy in Shibuya

Me and the old gang from Eda had a drinkup in Shibs last night. Yoko, one of the old managers of the ghuesthouse we all used to live in, rounded us all up on the Faced Book. I, of course, brought my camera. Go to to check out more photos


Japan Fashion Week: Wednesday

My favorites from Japan Fashion Week for Wednesday are no online. Check them out in the JFW heading in my photos section. Enjoy!


Japan Fashion Week - Tokyo: First Two Days

I just put the first two days of shooting up for japan fashion week.

I also have the Australian Society: Fashion on the Field photos up from this pst weekend. They're in the photo section. Enjoy

more to come...


camping out in the press lounge

I'm currently awaiting the Hidenobu Yasui show here in the press lounge. Its the first day of shows, and thus far, it seems alot more laid back than Mercedese Bens NYC Fashion weeks of years past.



PWILLY and friends put on an awesome party at 57 in Roppongi.

there was fashion, there were beautiful people, there was burlesque

if you were there, drop me a line, let me know what photo(s) you're in, and proper atention will be made manifest.

also, if you want full res or prints, hit me up on the ol'interwebs