Typhoon Photos

There is a typhoon here, see some photos of it in my Web Gallery section


Site Back Up

Due to some international issues, my site was down, But its back, and i have a ton of photos to put up. See you on teh other side


19 Mirrors at Ruido K4 in Kabukicho

First off, this was 19Mirrors first live, second, i really dig the venue (RuidoK4) and after parties are... lets just say i need to start drinking juice and not spending money on Nomihodai/Tabehorai. Either way, i spent the night with the badn at their first live show. Photos are up at and will be in my photo section soon.


up late [again]

Well... i've done it again. Up till 4 am working on my website. At least I've gotten a bunch of new photos up in my photography section. Check out the model galleries to see a few of the kids I've shot.

As a side note: I'm listening to TWiT {this week in technology} with Leo Laporte and the TWiTs. Check it out. Also, there is some amazing stuff at Revision3. If you've ever heard of, then you need to watch DiggNation. If you're at all a nerd, check out TekZilla. And if you like to laugh, check out ROFL, CoOp, FilmRiot, and ScamSchool.

And last, but not least, if you like horror movie check out Bloody Good Horror Podcast. They aren't with Rev3, but they are GREAT and keep me sane in the middle of the night out here in Harajuku.

goodnight world



Rainbow Over Harajuku

I was working on my website at close to dusk today, window open, avoiding the AC bill, and all of a suden i hear what sounds like 30 girls standing on the sidewalk looking at something that (roughly translated) was "amazing." So I run downstairs with my trusty camera to find that the entire Hula group that practices in a studio down my street is starring up at something in my buildings alleyway.

Turns out there was a double rainbow over Harajuku! This was of special significance to the Hula Girls since they were hosting a group from Hawaii. I was told, "the rainbow signifies the link between Hawaii and Japan."

Photos to come once SqaureSpace is done with its maintenance