New Photo Gallery Up

I just started Posting some of my older photos to this site. Please browse and shower me with praise.


Soon to come:

Many more photos (old and new including Fashion Week and Sports)

A propper front page

A propper blog and an import of my old blog


Photography, DIY, and general tom foolery to come!

I just registered here at SquareSpace and I'm quite excited. Soon to come will be a mass migration from 1and1 web hosting, Word-press and my scattered portfolios. 

I'll be maintaining my presence on a number of social networking sites, Flickr, and so forth, but hopefully Squarespace will let the one man operation have a handsome hub of operations.

What will come forth will be an amalgamation of my photo work, both professional and personal. Work i do for friends, journal entries, and whatever else i might find.

Lets see if i can keep this interesting.


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