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Tokyo Immigration

Here are some notes I took while getting my second visa extension in Japan:

The expiration date on your gaijin card is NOT the expiration date of your visa.

"period of stay" on the form (part 11) is not cumulative. Write length of stay on your current visa.

"desired length of extension" (part 13) is where you put the length of time you want your NEXT visa to be. They don't have to give that to you.

DO NOT use an erasable pen. Use a normal ink pen.


Long story short, I have a nearly complete lack of good luck in most things I do. More often than not my success have come from stubbornness and hard work. With that said, I sometimes consider myself a terminally lazy person. But when I get the ball rolling I can focus on a project with so strongly that I won't even care to notice the actual strain of I all until it's done...

With that said, today was a bad luck kind of day. I got to the Immigration office in Shinagawa in the late morning, thinking I was getting things done ahead of time so as not to worry about my papers. As it turns out, I had read the wrong expiration date (for some reason your national ID and your visa have different expiration dates on them) and had discovered I had overstayed my previous visa. FML

But don't worry, your young protagonist is no longer an illegal immigrant. The staff pretty much rushed me through the approval procedure and gave me a new visa day-of!

I love Japan.

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