Mamiya 645AFD images

i just uploaded my digital captures from my film Mamiya 645AFD in my Web Gallaries section. I know I'm biased, but i love the images i took of Fraks.


Good News / Bad News

Good News:

Found out that a few of my photos were featured in an interview of a designer i've been working on and off for.

Thanks to Kevin and Emi at and Leanne at

Bad News: is more or less what I wanted to make minus one or two features that i really think might set me apart... we'll see if I actualy go forward with this project.


Three New Personal Projects Plus One


I want to start a news podcast aimed at foreigners in Japan. Actual news, politics, professional done. Frankly i miss working in news and I think i'll have to just start from scratch if i want to do it out here.

No Agenda News "In the Morning":

I'm going to start trying to turn NA into a Newspaper Format for online. Take the news stories and apply what i learned in J-school to their topics. Eventually I'd like to turn it into a SSN and apply an iPhone/iPad app to the site.

Tokyo Fashion Site:

I'm going to start a fashion site for street and runway fashion. The bread and butter of the site is going to be the street level fashion but i'm also going to get my coverage of JFW online as well. Its basically going to be an open site to browse but a paid tiered subscription service for people who want to publish the photos.


I want to build the better newspaper. Basically take the format we've all grown to love and turn it into an app. Include the same style and format of dead-tree newspapers and use the interface of the iPhone and the iPad to navigate. If i can get it to intergrate into Quark Express or Indesign, then i can offer it to any College Newspaper or Local Paper for that matter and they would be able to simply upload the files they send to their printers to a server that would convert it to being navigable on the iOS... pipe dream maybe, but we'll see.


Book Idea: How Osama Bin Laden Changed America"

I was listening to Best of the Left from 09.04.2010 and i heard a clip from Common Sense with Dan Carlin where he's talking about how Osama Bin Laden will find himself as one of the top most influential people in history, not because of what he did, but because of what happened in responce to the 9/11 attacks. I'm going to have to find a copy of The Shadow Factory by James Bamford.

This last one is more about giving myself a project since I kind of miss doing research projects. We'll see what kind of primary sources I'll be able to scrounge up without my lexusnexus account i had at Rutgers... ah, the good ol' days.

Lets see how much of this I can get done in the next week.


Phase One, Mamiya and Profoto announce wireless flash grip for 645DF, Lose the Plot

image borrowed from

I admit, I was excited when i read this. There have been photos of Mamiya AFD cameras with vertical grips online for ever and I've never seen one available for sale. I kind of figured that this must be what they've been planing. I'd love to have a vertical grip and flash trigger inside would be killer! Frankly a battery grip would be just fine, but hey...

ITS $1300. The camera didnt cost that much. Granted I have a used one, but seriously, who the hell do they think is buying this?

I'm sorry Mamiya, but you are NO haselblad. You should be focusing on the the photo journalists with your ZD Medium Format SLR and pricing the 22mp back at half what it is so that the professionals who are not Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger or Jill Greenberg hve access and cause to get one. Cause, well, frankly, they aren't using your hardware and neither are the rest of us.

And its too bad, cause I love my 645AFD



Sensor Size Comparison

I'm a very visiall person, so I got all OCD and decided to make a visual representation of what the differnt sensors availavle to me are.

they are as follows:

120 film (Mamiya AFD 645) film - 56 × 41.5
Mamiya ZD 39MP - 38x46
5dmrkII - 36X24
7d - 22.3 x 14.9

the background is the 120 film from a 645 camera.