JFW Summer 2011 : Press Creds

I just put in my application to Japan Fashion Week for Press Credentials. As soon as I get my approval, I'll start contacting all the designers for photo passes, contact Tokyo Midtown for permission to shoot on the premises and, of course, put in my vacation requests at my day jorb.

I also need to get on the horn and make sure that the interested parties know that these photos are available.

I'm also debating whether or not to go out and get all the equipment I need to shoot live to the webs instead of having to upload everything manually.


Catching Up

So, i need to catch up on my posting. Fortunately its a slow day at the grind house and I happened to bring along my MBP13. Here are a couple of things that have happened recently:

I went to China

Yup, China. Its a lot like Japan, only the city is dirtier, less hilly, the temples and palaces are more lavish and the people are more pushy (read: jerks). I'm used to the only people pushing me off of trains being tiny little old ladies (ebichyan). In china, it was everyone. Also, SO MANY FREAKING BEGGARS! But the buildings are awesome, the architecture is great, 798 is amazing, and if you get a chance, go check out FUBAR the Beijing Speak Easy. Yup, its underneath The Workers Stadium, hidden behind a sliding wall in the bathroom of a Hotdog Shop.

New Camera

I found a Mamiya 645 AFD (1?) in Akihabara. Now all I need is a lens and a film back. I'm having a lens sent to me from the states (thanks mom) and a back sent from the UK (thanks collecting_photo_gear from eBay). Hopefully it all works together.

Airbrush Makeup

I broke out the compressor for Steph Lo's shoot. It was good to get some more practice on the thing, but i was supprised how well it turned out. Best of all, it took a ton of work out of post. So far what im doing is starting with some contouring with the foundation pencils by D.O.L.L. and then laying down the Hollywood Air liquid airbrush foundation on top.

19mirrors live

Yup, once again, Hannah Hypnotic, Gisape Kelevra, Ohya, and Radi have rocked faces off and blown perverbial mind-grapes. My photos are up on the FacedBook. Expect them here soon.

Beer-pong >_<

Sunday I woke up, had an early shoot, ran off to the Thai Festival in Yoyogi park, took a nap on a leisure sheet, and somehow ended up in a beer pong tourney in Shin-Nakano.  Enough said.

...and thats all she wrote. I have a couple of events coming up in June. Franks will be out here just afer that. And hopefully I'll have my bike fixed up in preparation of some nice long summer rides. Also, I've found a wind farm out in Ibaraki; hopefully I'll make a day trip of that this weekend.

keep on rocking in the free world



Air Brush Makeup

I've been trying to learn how to airbrush makeup... in general to avoid having to do some much work in post... but also cause its kinds neat. here is the second attempt. The test subject is Ms. Sarrin Smith. I did the eyes, lips, foundation, and contouring. yeah me ^_^


FFFFUUUU Expensive Lighting Equipment 

My latest project has been making my own LED lighting system. I need a few things out of it. Portability is key. If it can't go in a bag that is already full of camera gear or at least not be so overbearing that i can't put it under my arm on the train, then what good is it? It also needs to be bright. We're talking near 1000L. The Action Pac Lighting Kit puts out 1000L per unit.

Also, i want to be able to mount it in a couple of formations. Putting it around a ring on my lens would make a nice continous ring lite, but them making it into a panel, or even spliting them up and poiting them at flash umbreallas.

So i need mobile, batery operated and modular.

Enter the P7 LED from Seoul Semiconductor and the MANY MANY flashlights that are bulit around this (get this) 900L LEDs

ok, so now we have a light souce powered by the 18650 battery, rechargeable, reusable, powerful, awesome. but i want to mount it... how do you do that? Um, stupid, bike flashlight mount. you can also do somehting more creative involving photo equipment and what not to mount it to a light stand...

but what about a ring mount? BAM!!! Gymnastic Rings! You know that interesting manly sport of being suspended 8 ft above a stage being manly strong on two rings? well, they are 8in in diameter and have a thickness of an average bike grip. Manfroto makes a camera mount that is designed to clamp onto pipes.

So! 6 p7 flashlights, a gymnastic ring (or two) a half dozen bike mounts for the flashlights, a few lightstands, some umbrellas if you're into that, and maybe a Manfroto camera mount and BAM: you have the ultimate mobile modular contunous lighting system...

with that said, you'll have to figure out some kind of barn door system for this if you want that, the p7s are around 58k in light temp so you need to cut out some round filters for your flashlights to make it daylight balanced, and if you're not cool with having you're bateries go dead, you'll need a hand full of 18650 chargers and backup batteries.

so if you get this up and running before i do, FFFFUUUU!!!! but really, let me know how it works out. Othersied, i'll let you know how it all turns out.


Free Yacht and Jamais Vu

Instructables has a How-to guide on getting a free yacht. You can find it here. If you don't feel like going through it, here is the short of it. Because owning a Yacht is a money hole, alot of people will get rid of theirs by any mens posible. Some to get money after a divorce, some cause of the economy, and apparently some people can't even give them away, setting them adrift and reporting them as stolen.

I'm seriously thinking of getting one after a few years of saving up and just travel around. Hell, why not even live in it?

and if i do, I'll name it the Jamais Vu.

I've also been listeing to Stuff You Should Know podcast. Freaking amazing. Its been a lazy sunday of me just listeing to Stuff You Should Know and reading. ^_^ also talking to Frankie <3