No Money Mo' Problems

Diego is headed out here the second week of august, so I'm saving money to just go crazy. My problem is, I want to buy more photo equipment and i need to upgrade my router. For some reason I cant get onto Gmail or Face book from my mac, but my netbook will let me on as long as I'm using chrome... unfortunately, chrome doesnt have a Mac build... suxors.

I'm also having problems with the architecture of my site. I love the WYSIWYG style of SquareSpace, but I need to get out of the sand box... honestly, i need to figure out how to FTP into my site. We'll see what i can do.

Tonight I'm going to the 18th Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and then a Good Bye Michale Jackson Party in Otsunomia (if i spelled that right).



Pimp My Ride party

The lovely and talented Leanne has invited me along to shoot the Pimp my Ride Party.

It's all rather hush hush right now, but in the mean time, check out some of the people I'm more or less affiliated with... well, i know a guy who knows a guy ::wink::

Leanne is responsible for the dress you see below.


Live Blog Test

this is a test of my live blogging abilities. hopefully i'll be able to post photos as well

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